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Fondant Ruffle Flower Topper

In this tutorial I want to show you how to make a fondant ruffle flower. Ruffle flower accessories are chic and fashionable and can even be made out of fondant. They are a unique and clever way to accessorize a cupcake!

You will need a circle cutter. I used a 2 inch round cutter to cut out 5 circles. Roll out your fondant so that it is thin.


Working with one circle at a time, fold it in half but make sure it is dusted with cornstarch and that the edges are not sticking to each other.


Now fold in half gently once more and make sure that the edges are barely touching.


Repeat this process for the next four circles and set them aside to dry for a few minutes. Tip: If you find that the edges are sticking to each other, place cut up pieces of paper towel between them. After the folded circles have firmed up a bit, assemble them so that the pointed corners are all touching.


To attach the folded circles together, I use a mixture of water and meringue powder, and brush it along the corners.


After you have assembled your ruffle flower, let it rest for a while so that it hardens and firms up a bit.
You now have the perfect fondant ruffle flower to adorn your cupcake!



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  1. I found this very much a new item for cupcake toppers for a future wedding. Just so dainty and so cute and simple to make. I enjoyed reading then I tried it for a topper for one of my customers and she loved it.

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