Hello Kitty Fondant Topper


A fun and easy way to make Hello Kitty toppers for your cupcakes and cookies.hktopper1

Roll fondant about 1/8″ thick and use a cutter or template to get your Hello Kitty head.

Smooth the edges of the cut Hello Kitty head by lightly rubbing with your index finger.

Draw with an edible marker the eyes and whiskers.  If needed, print out a Hello Kitty face to size and mark lightly where the eyes are supposed to be.  

Roll in the palm of your hand a small size of yellow fondant so that it is roughly the size of one of Hello Kitty’s eye for the nose. Attach nose with some water or edible glue.hktopper6hktopper7hktopper8hktopper9

Next, you will need a plastic straw to make an easy tool for adding a detail to Hello Kitty’s bow. With a pair of scissors cut half of the straw end out to leave you with a semi circle end.

For the bow, you will need 3 balls of pink fondant.  Shape two of them into semi triangular shaped ends.

Attach the bow on the right side of Hello Kitty’s ear.

Using the straw tool, make indentions on either side of the center of the bow.hktopper15hktopper16hktopper17

Now they’re ready to be used!hkcookiepopsSignature

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